Hunter Custom Manufacturing

Finally, a custom molding shop built like your future depends on it.

Our mission is to become our clients' long term manufacturing partners by delivering innovative molding and production services of the highest quality and dollar for dollar value.

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Quality isn't just something we aim for. It's our guarantee.

We're always looking for ways to improve our material combinations and production processes for the better. Why? We know full and well that our success is solely based on the performance of what we deliver.

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We employ a golden-ruled environment. Even our robots are happy.

We view ourselves as more than just our clients' molder. We are a business partner through and through. As your partner, it's important for us to maintain a culture and environment based on values that make everyone involved happy.

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There's always room for improvement, no matter how small the molecule.

One reason our clients continually return to us on an annual basis is because we're continually trying to improve the way we serve them, and constantly reviewing and testing emerging technologies for possible applications.

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